You don’t need to be fixed. You need to find out what’s bothering you and fix it.

In the course of life, we go through different phases. These phases present us with different challenges and life lessons. However, sometimes, life throws us in a state of confusion. During this time, you may find it impossible to figure out the cause of your troubles and things what’s bothering you. This is usually a trying time, and if left unchecked, you could find yourself going more rooted in the hole of confusion.

If you are feeling lost and confused, look no further.

In this article, I will be looking at how to identify what’s bothering you, what exactly is ailing you, and how to free yourself from the grip of confusion. The one thing I always advise people to face is life and its challenges with courage. Those of you who have read my story know that I had a complicated relationship with my mother. She was always cold and angry with me. I never received the type of treatment my brother did. I could not understand what I had done to deserve that kind of treatment from my mother.

One of the weirdest and most useful pieces of advice I have ever had in regards to feeling lost and confused is not to do anything. This might seem absurd, but as you read on, you will discover that doing nothing, at times, is the wisest thing you can do for yourself. In most cases, we find ourselves wanting to hide from our issues. If we are not hiding from our problems, we are continually pushing to make life better.

If you feel confused about your current state of life, the first thing you need to do is to slow down and stop. Doing this will allow you to put things into perspective. You need to adopt the mentality that all will be well. By doing this, you will be able to keep anxiety and depression at bay. Once you have settled down, you need to be real with yourself. You need to point out things that require to be changed.

My Life’s Example

For example, after my second marriage collapsed, I realized that I had to change several things about myself. This process helped me to find forgiveness and healing. The process also helped me find out an important thing about the two things I yearned for; love and acceptance. By taking the time to look deep down within yourself, you will be able to find out precisely what’s bothering you.

How to find out & get over something that is bothering you?

The process of self-introspection requires you to be brutally honest with yourself. You have to ask yourself questions like:

  • Who am I?
  • What am I willing to do to achieve my goals?
  • Are my friendships meaningful?
  • Am I in love with this person?
  • Am I happy with my job?
  • What am I passionate about?
  • What are my values?

These are but a few questions that you need to ask yourself when trying to establish the root cause of your troubles and figuring out what’s bothering you. When you try to figure out the direction of your life, as an individual, you are concerned to know whether it will lead you to success or happiness. You find yourself wanting some guarantees.

Most of us are usually anxious about our life decisions because we are always wondering whether they will bear fruit. The truth of the matter is that there are no guarantees in life. I, personally, can attest to that fact. As I grew up, I went through a series of unfortunate events. I lost people I loved deeply, and it seemed, for a moment, that things would never change. Whenever I began to recover from one traumatic event, another traumatic event used to happen.

The problem we have is not the fact that we are unable to figure out life. The problem is that we are hell-bent on figuring life out. One Buddhist monk wisely pointed out that you do not need to know where you are headed for you to live a happy and fulfilling life. His thinking led me to ask myself one question: How can we dance in the dark despite the confusion that is life?

Open your eyes look within.

When we try to manipulate life, we find ourselves in murky waters.

Some things are beyond our control; no amount of overthinking or force can change those things. When you try to figure out those things, you will always find yourself tired and frustrated with life. According to the Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu, when muddy water is left to stand, it clears with time. The same principle can be used with regard to conducting self-introspection.

Regardless of the direction you take, you always feel lost. If you look back at your activities and projects, you see that they all lead to nowhere. Deep down your heart, you wish to engage in activities that are in line with your calling. However, you find yourself being disorganized, scattered, and unfocused. During these times, both your mind and body are pulling you in different directions. This is always an awkward position.

The cultures we are raised in may also be the cause of our problems. A few decades ago, women in Greece were not allowed to decide on whom to marry. My family is full of this kind of story. Today, a lot of value is placed on money and status. The media has made sure that we remain uncomfortable with who we indeed are; those who dare to stand out are viewed as outcasts.

We are all unique. We cannot all be bodybuilders or supermodels. Instead of the media encouraging us to be ourselves, it is continuously trying to make us feel like we need to be fixed. This has hurt how people view themselves. We are constantly comparing ourselves with the Kardashians of the world while at the same time neglecting ourselves. The greatest thief of joy is comparison. If you continuously compare yourself to other people, you will realize that you are always miserable. The secret to leaving a happy and fulfilling life is to be you at all times.


We all have our problems. Due to our uniqueness, our personals battles always differ in one way or another. While you may be suffering due to overindulgence, someone else may be suffering due to work holism. To find out what truly bothers you, you must look deep within yourself. After doing so, you must be very honest with yourself. Once you do this, you will be able to come up with a working solution to your problem.

I am here for you!

Together We Thrive

Your Life by design ūüíÉ

Hey! This is Anastasia!

Hey! This is Anastasia!

Founder & CEO of Goddess World LLC DBA Goddess Society

My greatest passion in life is women’s empowerment. I do this to ensure women acquire control over their lives and destinies. By doing this, women will be able to participate in all spheres of life, including relationships and leadership fully.
My goal as a coach is to help women realize their purpose, power, and equality in a world where the odds are against them. A woman’s daily life is full of challenges that only a fellow woman can relate to; I look to inspire all women to rise above patriarchy’s constraints to a meaningful life filled with joy, passion, fulfillment, success, and dignity. The value of understanding who you truly are
is priceless.

As a woman, understanding who you are offers you a roadmap to empowerment and all the tools you need to achieve it.
The current state of our planet begs a feminine touch. This is a call to action for women to rise to the occasion and secure the stability and progress of society. They will achieve this by fulfilling their roles as entrepreneurs, educators, mothers, caregivers, farmers, and conscience. The widespread socio-economic and political challenges we are going through are a result of ignoring feminine values.
Women across the world are working tirelessly to cultivate the feminine into cultures. Through¬†their feminine gifts, women counter men’s undesirable impulses. If women fail to use their
gifts to make their societies better, they are equally to blame.
Ignorance is not an option.
Plato said:
‚ÄúHuman behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge.‚ÄĚ
Are you a Goddess or What?

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