The Right Mentality for Success

Everybody wants to be successful in life, but not everyone becomes successful. This is the sad reality of life. Most of us have grandiose dreams of being extremely wealthy individuals, but we never make it there. In the course of our lives, we come across many detours to our goals. In most cases, it is internal factors rather than external factors that hinder us from realizing our potential. If you want to be successful, you must have the right mentality for success. There comes a time in your life when you will be required to embrace a profound change. It is this change that will enable you to achieve your goals. Change can be a terrifying ordeal for anyone. However, the only way to tackle change is to master it, and once you do that, successfully, moving your life forward will come naturally and easily to you. In this article, I will be focusing on the mental shifts you need to embrace to attain the Right Mentality for Success.

6 Mental Shifts you need to Attain the Right Mentality for Success

1. Define your Vision

You cannot have a vision if you cannot see. To see, you must step out of your comfort bubble. By stepping out of your comfort zone, you will be able to experience, taste, and feel your passion. You must get out and discover yourself; you need to know what you like and what you do not like. After doing this, ask yourself what you need in life, and why it matters to you. In a nutshell, I am asking you to find out what gets you fired up. Your vision is what you desire in life, and it has to be clear, complete, and brutally honest.

We are usually vague about our visions. We only have a pale image of what we desire. You must take time to figure out precisely what you want in life. Additionally, you must set up a mechanism that will inform you when you achieve your goals. Therefore, you should write down everything. Your mission in life has to be very specific, and towards those ends, you can begin by writing down your wildest dreams. Remember, nothing is impossible even the word itself says I’m possible.

2. Make a Plan for Achieving your Goals

How do you achieve your goals? What skills do you need to acquire to accomplish your mission? One right way of creating a road map is by studying the lives of successful people you admire. After doing so, you can model your blueprint around theirs. You can do so by reading about their lives or interviewing them. After gathering information about them, you can replicate their steps. In this case, there is no need to change a winning formula. It is also possible for you to come up with a different plan. You must exercise a great mind when coming up with a plan. It should be well thought out and realistic. You must take into account all the factors and how you will manage them effectively. 

3. Work on what you believe

Beliefs are both internal and external. Your inner beliefs are what you feel deep down in your heart; while your external beliefs are the things that you say out loud. Your internal beliefs dictate what you think about yourself and what you are capable of achieving. If you do not believe you can do something, pursuing that thing is an act in futility. Fortunately, you can rewrite your beliefs. You can do so by conducting diligent internal work such as engaging in mediations, keeping a gratitude journal, and doing daily affirmations of yourself. Beliefs drive perceptions, perceptions influence your habits, and habits encourage you to action and success.

The Right Mentality for Success

4. Embrace Discipline

If you lack the discipline to help you follow your plans, your dream will remain as such. If you want to conquer something, you must exercise restraint, and work consistently towards mastering what you want. Discipline involves: having a keen awareness of your distractions, and setting, and executing the daily habits required to attain your goals. If you wish to change your life drastically, you need to embrace new practices. For you to successfully adopt those habits, you must work on your discipline. Discipline also requires you to develop an alarm that informs you of distractions. As the saying goes, discipline is the bridge between accomplishments and goals.

5. Take one step at a time towards your goals

There is an African proverb that says,  the road to success is always under construction. By consistently engaging in seemingly small actions, you propagate seeds of achievement in your conscience. When you engage in activities that improve you daily, you get closer to attaining your goals. A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. With time, you will start seeing the progress you have made, and this will have a tremendous effect on your psyche.

6. Focus on a compelling outcome for the future

One of the beauties of life is the fact that it is full of endless possibilities. Regardless of your prevailing circumstances, your fortunes can always change. This might seem like an absurd thing for people going through difficult times. Your current conditions must not stop you from dreaming big. As I had earlier put it to you, change is constant in life. This means that no phase or situation is permanent. Having personal insight and practicing mindfulness will help you navigate your day-to-day hassles without losing sight of your goals. Future-oriented people are not afraid of making sacrifices for long-term gains.

The Right Mentality for Success


In life requires you to start from the very beginning. Success, contrary to popular belief, is not an event; success is a long strenuous process. It requires a new version of you. The journey to success requires you to work through each step diligently. You must, therefore, identify the steps you need to make for you to succeed. Once you identify those steps, you will begin to be accountable for your actions, and eventually, you will start manifesting the behavior and results you desire.

Together We Thrive

Hey! This is Anastasia!

Hey! This is Anastasia!

Founder & CEO of Goddess World LLC DBA Goddess Society

My greatest passion in life is women’s empowerment. I do this to ensure women acquire control over their lives and destinies. By doing this, women will be able to participate in all spheres of life, including relationships and leadership fully.
My goal as a coach is to help women realize their purpose, power, and equality in a world where the odds are against them. A woman’s daily life is full of challenges that only a fellow woman can relate to; I look to inspire all women to rise above patriarchy’s constraints to a meaningful life filled with joy, passion, fulfillment, success, and dignity. The value of understanding who you truly are
is priceless.

As a woman, understanding who you are offers you a roadmap to empowerment and all the tools you need to achieve it.
The current state of our planet begs a feminine touch. This is a call to action for women to rise to the occasion and secure the stability and progress of society. They will achieve this by fulfilling their roles as entrepreneurs, educators, mothers, caregivers, farmers, and conscience. The widespread socio-economic and political challenges we are going through are a result of ignoring feminine values.
Women across the world are working tirelessly to cultivate the feminine into cultures. Through their feminine gifts, women counter men’s undesirable impulses. If women fail to use their
gifts to make their societies better, they are equally to blame.
Ignorance is not an option.
Plato said:
“Human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge.”
Are you a Goddess or What?

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