Healthy Communication in Relationships can Change Everything

The success of the relationships we get into is heavily influenced, by how effectively we communicate. Lack of communication is one of the most significant causes of relationship failures. Whether the relationship is platonic, romantic, or professional, Healthy Communication in Relationships is the key to its success.

As human beings, we have an intense yearning for connectivity and belonging. This is the reason why positive social interactions enhance your subjective-well-being. Positive social interactions also provide greater life satisfaction for you. Our lives are made worthy of living due to the encounters we have with people. Nurturing and maintaining social relationships increase your happiness because spending time with your colleagues and friends build’s positive emotions. Positive emotions are crucial for a happy life.

Usually, communication is either verbal or non-verbal. We find ourselves, at times, connecting with other people by merely smiling at them. For you to have positive social interactions, you must work on your communication skills.

What Accounts for Healthy Communication?

According to communication experts, a model of communication involves a sender, a receiver, and a message. The message can be verbal or non-verbal. The sender encodes the message, and the receiver decodes the message. The whole process also includes the reply, by the receiver and anything that might disrupt the message. This is referred to as noise. Theoretically, this process appears to be simple, but in truth, no message is ever interpreted without bias.

Healthy Communication in Relationships is the act of communicating without eliciting undesirable or hateful responses. While not all forms of communication will be received positively, healthy communication is alive to the fact that the other person has a right to agree or disagree with you.

Communication is not about sending messages alone; it also involves how you receive messages sent from others. In some instances, we seek to be judged, offended, or shamed. In some other cases, we try to criticize others or place judgment upon others. Be that as it may, if you seek negativity, you are bound to find it.


Among all, inherent, skills we possess as humans, communication is a skill we have been practicing and utilizing since birth. However, it always hinders us from getting what we desire, and it may even cause us stress and anxiety. We frequently engage in poor communication, and this causes unintended reactions from the receivers of our messages. Is an art we develop throughout our entire lives. This art can be learned and mastered by anyone willing to learn. In this article, I will be discussing the secrets to Healthy Communication in Relationships and the importance of effective communication in our lives in general.

The Basic Ingredients to Effective Communication

The secret to attaining Healthy Communication in Relationships is willing to put aside your defensive tendencies. By setting aside your defensive trends, you take responsibility for your part of the relationship. Healthy communication entails having personal insight, exercising both your reflective and active listening skills. If you want to have a healthy relationship with others, you must establish and maintain Healthy Communication in Relationships.

Learn to Listen

Active listening entails several essential things like purposeful eye contact, gestures, and an excellent physical posture. By being an active listener, you align your body towards the person you are communicating with; additionally, you may lean towards the person, have an open posture, and remain relaxed when communicating nonverbally. Active listening also entails mirroring any verbal, or non-verbal communication being sent. By actively listening, you show the person you are talking to that you are interested in them.

It sends the message that you respect what the other person is saying even if their argument does not make sense to you. Reflective listening, on the other hand, reinforces the fact that you have been listening actively. It is through reflective listening that the sender will be assured that his/her message has been received clearly. Through this listening, the sender of the message feels acknowledged and dignified. When people around you think that you dignify and acknowledge them, they tend to reciprocate the same. This will help you create fruitful relationships and will stir your life in the right direction.

“Good communication is as stimulating as black coffee, and just as hard to sleep after.”

Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness or personal insight is another vital feature of Healthy Communication in Relationships. When we exercise our reflective and active listening skills, we show the people we are communicating with that we are interested in them as individuals, and we respect them. However, the greatest challenge to healthy communication comes when we have to look inwards. This is because as a participant in a relationship, you have opted to invest yourself fully in it, and not on a superficial level.

When we are in a relationship, we should be able to account for our contribution to that relationship. If you have wronged your partner/s, it is crucial that you acknowledge your mistake, and seek a lasting solution on the same. If you have been hurt, you should not result in solving the matter negatively. You should offer open dialogue and forgiveness if is appropriate. Many times we get hurt only by the means of an act, which is totally our perception.




Being able to communicate healthily is a process and believe it or not, needs skills that you can cultivate. Communicating in a healthy fashion is a deliberate attempt to, fully, participate in the relationship. As you make your mistakes, you can only rectify those mistakes effectively by communicating healthily.

One of the most significant problems we have today is that we dwell in a disposable world. If a relationship breaks down, we dispose of the relationship. This is one of the most significant causes of failure in today’s world. The world is ever-changing. By embracing the teachings as mentioned earlier, we stand to enhance our chances of succeeding in all our endeavors, including business, marriages, and friendships.

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You must continuously, without fail, seek personal insight. Personal insight gives you the ability to confront your choices, behaviors, and consequences in life. It provides the ability to stand firm when you have been wronged, and the ability to correct your wrongs. Personal insight is the ability to accept your own weaknesses and strengths without being proud, arrogant, or boastful. Personal insight transcends your acceptance of the role you play in the relationship.

When you have personal insight, you may be able to practice mindfulness. Mindfulness entails being active at the moment. You recognize that a moment exists and everything about that moment deserves your full attention. Today, many relationships have become unbearable. This is because a party in the relationship may feel unappreciated, unheard, or unworthy of the other person’s attention. When we practice mindfulness and personal insight, we acknowledge and appreciate our role in a relationship together with our responsivity.

I love you all!! Stay on the good path!!


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Hey! This is Anastasia!

Hey! This is Anastasia!

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