How to Deal with Stress at Work? 6 Easy Ways

By Anastasia Mouzina

There are several ways to deal with stress at work but unfortunately, many people don’t know how to do it. Anyone who works understands work-related pressures and how they can be a cause of stress. All jobs have their demands. This is regardless of whether you like your job or not. In the short-term, you may experience pressure to accomplish a particular task or to beat a specific deadline. When work pressure causes you chronic stress, it can be harmful to both your physical and emotional health. The long term stress is a common occurrence in the workplace. According to the American Psychology Association, Annual Stress in America research, work is often cited as a significant cause of stress for many Americans. It is impossible to avoid work-related tensions; however, it is possible to take a few steps that will ensure that you effectively manage work-related stress.

In this article, I will be highlighting a number of techniques you can employ in order to reduce and dealing with stress at work; but first, let us identify common causes of work stress.

Common causes of work stress include:

  • Excessive workloads
  • Underpayment
  • Few opportunities for career advancement
  • Lack of social support
  • The job may not be sufficiently engaging
  • Lack of control over work-related decisions
  • Unrealistic or conflicting demands

The above-mentioned issues are the most cited causes of work stress by working-class men and women across the world. The most significant problem with work-related stress is the fact that it does not disappear once you leave the work environment. Stressful work environments may cause you to suffer from high blood pressure, insomnia, headaches, stomachaches, short temper, poor concentration, and can weaken your immune system. According to studies, people who experience chronic stress have a tendency of dealing with it in an unhealthy fashion. They deal with stress at work by abusing drugs, overeating, and indulging in unhealthy behaviors.

6 ways to deal with stress at work

Below are several things you can do to reduce or deal with stress at work:

1. Track your stressors

You must know your enemy. This will help you fight more effectively. You should work towards identifying situations that stress you out at work and how you react to them. You can record information, your feelings and thoughts about that particular environment to establish how you respond to them. Once you figure that out, you will be able to take control of those stressful situations more effectively.

2. Cultivate healthy responses to stressful situations

You can take control of your environment. By doing this, you ensure that things, no matter how bad, do not affect how you feel about yourself. According to the teachings of Buddhism, happiness is a choice. In addition to this, you can engage in exercise. Exercise has been proven to be a great way to relieve stress. Making time to pursue hobbies and other things you like can significantly help in stress management. This allows you to shift your thoughts from stress and focus on enjoying the moment. Doctors also advise that you should get enough sleep and maintain a healthy diet.

3. Establish Healthy Boundaries

You need to establish boundaries in regards to your personal life and work life. There should be a clear and distinct boundary between the two. For example, you should make a rule against checking work-related emails or calls when you are spending time with your family. The truth of the matter is that we all have our preferences when it comes to our work-life blends. For example, as a doctor, you have to come up with a blend that will not jeopardize both your family and work life. This blend may be different from that of a lawyer or construction worker. By doing this, you will be able to solve the issue of work-life conflict effectively.

4. Make time to relax

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Allocating yourself time off for your well-being and relaxation ensures that you avoid both burnout and chronic stress. There is a need for you to replenish and take your body back to pre-stress level functioning. This will enable you to perform your duties at an optimum level; thereby, generating better results. During this time, you should avoid thinking about work or engaging in work-related activities. Some of us are ignorant about relaxation techniques. There are several relaxation techniques that can help you relax; for example, deep breathing exercises, meditation, and practicing mindfulness.

5. Talk to your boss or supervisor

According to business specialists, employee health is firmly related to productivity. This means that healthy employees generate high-quality results, while unhealthy employees are likely to create substandard work. Having this in mind, managers and employers have an incentive to create a healthy working environment.

The purpose of talking to your supervisor or manager is not to present him/her with a list of complaints. The use of the talk is to brainstorm on ways you manage stressors you have identified at the workplace. Having this talk will enable you to make some changes that will make the work environment more comfortable and less strenuous for you and your colleagues. Ultimately, this will be beneficial to both the employer and the employees.

6. Avoid unnecessary conflict

Conflict forms part and parcel of the human experience. It is impossible to avoid conflict. However, this does not mean that you should engage in all conflict situations. You need to learn how to choose your battles carefully. Some people are, for example, naturally loud and aggressive. These people thrive in chaos. Engaging such people will live you mentally drained and will also cause a vexation of your spirit. You can avoid conflict at your workplace by avoiding: gossip, sharing too much on your personal beliefs in regards to sexuality, religion, and politics, and derogatory humor. You should also try to avoid individuals who don’t work well with other colleagues. Consequently, if you find yourself in a conflict situation, you must learn how to handle it well. You can do so by learning about conflict resolution mechanisms such as arbitration and mediation.

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