Mindset and Success:  A guide on How to change your mindset for success?

Mindset and Success:  A guide on How to change your mindset for success?


A mindset can be defined as the belief that dictates the manner in which we handle situations. This belief influences how we sort out the different issues that we face during life. Mindset and success are correlated. Your mindset enables you to spot opportunities and to find viable solutions to your problems. In this article, I’ll cover how to change your mindset for success.


At times, the mindset you adopt can be the cause of all your problems. Adopting the wrong mindset can trap you in a vicious self-defeating cycle.  There are several frames of mind that can incapacitate you. For example, poverty is a crippling state of mind. Once you accept it as part of your life, it may hinder you from identifying opportunities that may help you escape its clutches. In life, you either resign to your circumstances or rebel against them.



The mindset is what distinguishes successful people from those who constantly struggle in life. Philosophers from around the world have tackled the question of mindsets quite eloquently. According to General Sun Tzu, for example, victorious warriors win the war first and then proceed to the battlefield. They go to look for victory on the battlefield. They, first, win the war in their minds and souls. This is how mindset and success are correlated.

Is fate fixed?

In the Nichomachean Ethics, Aristotle covers the issue of mindsets adequately. One of the questions that humanity has always asked itself is whether or not fate is fixed. This being the case is it possible for us to find blessedness, joy, and fulfillment in our personal achievements? Secondly, should we just hope that we are lucky enough to be blessed by the gods with great skills and talents? The answer that Aristotle gave to these questions was NO! According to Aristotle, if you reach the end of your life and you die alone without friends or family, no matter what accomplishments you have achieved in the course of your life, you cannot be said to be blessed or fulfilled.




The key to developing a growth mindset for success

The key to developing a growth mindset, according to Aristotle, is by acquiring a proper conception, of excellence or virtue. Virtuous activities are described as activities with moral, physical, and intellectual virtues. This subject is discussed throughout Aristotle’s Ethics. In regards to the excellence of skill or art, you are required to produce some good via practical wisdom or the ability to establish correctly things that can be beneficial to you (Nic. Ethics VI.3-7 and VIII).  Therefore, the pursuit of excellence in work, business, or school has a high probability of bringing you happiness.

to Aristotle, once you begin pursuing excellence in a skill or art, you begin to see opportunities springing from different places. Additionally, this mindset will enable you to view all opportunities as a chance to grow. This is what is described as a growth mindset. With this mindset, no matter the prevailing circumstances you will always be able to attain satisfaction or Eudaimonia in all your pursuits.

Aristotle taught his students that virtuous pursuits are durable sources of satisfaction, unlike power and money. Power and money can easily flit away. Disastrous or challenging times never lack to afford us the opportunity to reflect on ways we could improve ourselves. Bearing up nobly during hard times is also a virtue according to Aristotle.

Socrates about Mindset and Success

Another Greek philosopher who had a lot to say in regards to mindsets is Socrates. According to Socrates, your experience of the world is heavily reliant on your mindset. The way we analyze information and biases in our thoughts is highly likely to determine the quality of lives we lead; and to a large extent, the nature of our surroundings.

If you have a fixed mindset, you believe that you are naturally good at doing a particular thing. However, you are not capable of doing anything else. For example, you may think that you are only suited to be a doctor and nothing else. People who have a growth mindset do not have such beliefs. People with a growth mindset can easily become virtuoso in whatever they want if they work on it.

People who adopt a growth mindset continue to grow throughout the course of their lives. Life exists in a state of continuous growth. If you have a narrow mindset, your polarized method of thinking will always hinder your growth or development. In the event of failure, you avoid taking responsibility by blaming others.  For example, a narrow-minded person hopes for a never-ending love rather than work on ensuring the relationship survives the ups and downs of relationships.





“If they say is impossible, is impossible for them not for you ”



The mindset you possess determines your fate of success!

The mindset you possess determines whether you can learn, grow, or change. Long conditioning results in a fixed mindset. Some scientists believe that some key life events and early life experiences create mindsets that may expose people to addictive behaviors. For example, children who have parents who smoke in their presence are likely to be smokers in the future. This is because they have adopted the idea that smoking is an okay thing.

Individuals who have growth mindsets always take an opportunity to learn from the best in their respective fields.  This resonates with Aristotle’s insistence on the pursuit of excellence in art or skills to attain satisfaction or happiness. These categories of individuals are always trying to eradicate their weaknesses and faults and view life as a challenge that should be met. Growth and success can only occur in the growth mindset.



Challenging ourselves and others by asking powerful questions opens our individual curiosity and abilities to think critically. This is essential if you want to attain success in whatever your purse. No matter what career field you are involved in, you must adopt a growth mindset as advised by both Aristotle and Socrates. Such a mindset ensures that you are constantly learning the best practices in your field, for example. It will also ensure that you take calculated risks as you will employ critical thinking in all situations. A growth mindset will allow you to live life to the highest celebration and at the end of it, you will be able to confidently say that you have lived a fulfilled and successful life.

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