How Positive Psychology is a remedy for Human misery?

By Anastasia Mouzina

How to be happy? Positive Psychology in Action

In bookstores around the world and on the internet, there are countless gurus who purport to have a remedy for the miseries of life with Positive Psychology. It is an extremely difficult thing to establish which remedy actually works. However, after consulting one of the greatest gurus the world has ever seen: the scientific method, we have had tremendous luck in establishing the secret to a happy and fulfilling life. Over the past few years, there has been a dramatic rise in the number of people who study the science of happiness and positive psychology.

Simply put, these people try to discover what really makes people happy. Fortunately, the studies point to specific ways of acting and thinking. These ways of thinking and acting have the capacity to influence our individual peace of mind and enhance a sense of happiness. The resulting discoveries from these studies have enriched, in a great way, the fields of life coaching, psychiatry, counseling, and clinical psychology. In this article, I will be reviewing a number of scientific studies and translating them to you in simple and concise language. Below are some of the scientifically proven remedies for human misery with Positive Psychology:

Form and maintain meaningful relationships

One of the most salient features of happy people is that they have strong ties to their family and friends. Additionally, these people show great commitment to spending quality time with them.  Positive relationships are a vital ingredient for your general well-being and mortality.  Healthy relationships ensure that you remain healthier, happier and you live a longer life. They are the very foundation of success and happiness.

There are relationships that we inherit, for example, our families; we also have relationships that we choose for ourselves like our friends. How we participate and navigate these relationships plays a critical role in the quality of lives we lead. Positive relationships make you a happier person while becoming a victim of a negative or toxic relationship will have the opposite effect.  People can be our greatest source of happiness and our greatest source of sadness. The rule of thumb in this matter is to never go where you are simply tolerated; always go where you are fully accepted for who you are. Additionally, since no one chooses where to be born, you must without fail to choose friends who impact your life positively. Your friends are the family you choose.

Practice kindness

People who care for others constantly are considered to be less stressed and depressed than those who do not. Engaging in acts of kindness has the capacity to change your mental well-being in unimaginable ways.  For thousands of years, kindness has been a point of interest in both religion and philosophy. Today, science has shown that there is a close relationship between happiness and kindness. In order to understand this connection, we must consider the human brain.

The human brain is the most complex thing in the entire universe. Within your brain, certain chemicals are released depending on your situation. For example, serotonin enhances your mood.  When you do something out of the goodness of your heart, your brain reacts to this action positively. A chemical known as dopamine surges through your body and your brain registers a type of ‘’high’’ or elation.

According to psychologists, this feeling is referred to as a ‘’helpers high,’’ and it is something that generates a lot of positive feelings among helpers. This high also improves our heart’s health. It improves your circulation, heart rate, and reduces hypertension. When you give to society, or to someone else, you will realize that there is no sadness in it. The same cannot be said in regards to taking from others. Kindness does not need to be a grand gesture; the simplest acts of kindness will live you feeling happier and energized to take on life and its challenges.

Spiritual engagement and meaning

Over the past few years, psychologists have directed their attention to the subject of spirituality and happiness. Psychologists around the world have shown great interest in understanding the wisdom of leading a spiritual life. Although individuals who have strong religious faith experience higher degrees of well-being, spirituality does not always have to involve mysticism and dogma.

A happy life is dependent on how you are internal. This is in regard to your beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and desires. There is a famous saying that says as a man thinketh so is he. Your inner constitution heavily affects how happy you are. A spiritual dimension affords you the much needed inner peace required in this life. Being spiritual allows us to be guided by our inner values as opposed to the demands of society. This is in terms of how we interact with others, how we engage the world around us, and our willingness to make positive contributions to our respective societies.

Spirituality can be religious or non-religious. A sense of spirituality is a potent source of wellness and happiness to those who practice it. A sense of spirituality connects us to something bigger than us, and our daily lives.  When you feel that your life has meaning, you are bound to be healthier and happier compared to those who do not feel the same.

Practice mindfulness and gratitude

Gratitude is the most studied field in positive psychology. It is a truism to state that thankful people live the most fulfilling and stress-free lives.  By being grateful, you experience more positive emotions, and you experience a greater sense of belonging. A thankful mindset nurtures positivity and hopefulness. Gratitude has been linked to optimism; grateful people are bound to receive more social support; and are, therefore, more likely to navigate the challenges of life more easily.

Living a long life is not necessarily a good thing. You may live a long life full of misery. You can enhance the quality of your life, tremendously, by practicing thankfulness and mindfulness. Optimism is linked to longevity. For example, optimism plays an important role in the recovery from disease and illness. People have survived life-threatening situations by simply remaining positive. For example, optimistic individuals experience less stress when diagnosed with a disease like cancer. Optimism gives the patient a fighting spirit. There is nothing the universe loves more than a heart that does not give up.

When we talk about mindfulness, we focus on living in the present. This must be done absent of any preconceived notions or judgments. Mindfulness can take different forms; for example, when you feel stressed, mindfulness will dissuade you from judging yourself negatively; it will, however, allow you to acknowledge the feeling. This simple act may stop you from being tense, and from overthinking matters. Normally, we are inclined to give negative thoughts about ourselves more credence than we are supposed to. Mindfulness helps you differentiate between your actual circumstances and the story you tell yourself in regard to your circumstances.  It helps you analyze your situation in a positive manner. This is vital when it comes to solving problems effectively.

Know your strengths and virtues

According to positive psychology experts, the happiest people know their unique virtues and strengths. These strengths and virtues may include critical thinking, persistence, humility, kindness, and humanity. After the discovery, they endeavor to use those strengths and virtues for the purpose of making the world a better place. Using your strengths and virtues will allow you to focus on what is positive in your life at all times; it also helps you appreciate yourself more in a positive way.

By and large, humanity values virtues and character strengths.  There are commonly held virtues and strengths across all the cultures of the world. What is considered strength in India or Russia will be considered as a strength in Ethiopia or Brazil. You may have strengths that occur so naturally to you that you do not consider them to be strengths. In order to enhance the quality of your life, it is important that you employ those strengths and virtues for the benefit of fellow human beings.  This will ensure that you live a fulfilling and meaningful life. Ultimately, this will be a constant and fantastic source of joy to you and those who surround you.

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Hey! This is Anastasia!

Hey! This is Anastasia!

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My greatest passion in life is women’s empowerment. I do this to ensure women acquire control over their lives and destinies. By doing this, women will be able to participate in all spheres of life, including relationships and leadership fully.
My goal as a coach is to help women realize their purpose, power, and equality in a world where the odds are against them. A woman’s daily life is full of challenges that only a fellow woman can relate to; I look to inspire all women to rise above patriarchy’s constraints to a meaningful life filled with joy, passion, fulfillment, success, and dignity. The value of understanding who you truly are
is priceless.

As a woman, understanding who you are offers you a roadmap to empowerment and all the tools you need to achieve it.
The current state of our planet begs a feminine touch. This is a call to action for women to rise to the occasion and secure the stability and progress of society. They will achieve this by fulfilling their roles as entrepreneurs, educators, mothers, caregivers, farmers, and conscience. The widespread socio-economic and political challenges we are going through are a result of ignoring feminine values.
Women across the world are working tirelessly to cultivate the feminine into cultures. Through their feminine gifts, women counter men’s undesirable impulses. If women fail to use their
gifts to make their societies better, they are equally to blame.
Ignorance is not an option.
Plato said:
“Human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge.”
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