What is your desire

Have it all using your feminine power



What is that you desire?

Do you dare to dream big?

To be Wild?

What is it like to be a Goddess Entrepreneur, Wife, Lover, Artist, Mother, Friend,

or any other role you choose to play?

What is Feminine Power?

My Mission is to help Women to Rise in their Goddess State.

Rise with me!


Goddess Society is for women who desire to be “A Goddess”. It is for women who know that they want more in their lives, more in their finances, more in business, more in relationships, in love, in beauty, in lifestyle, more “Goddess” like acts, more peace, happiness, and more of everything! 

True beauty emanates from the inside and glows on the outside. When you are the light, there is no other way but to be a Goddess!


Whatever YOU desire, you CAN have it!

We help women find and express their feminine beauty and glow using their inside and outside tools. When you are happy and fulfilled you are a Goddess. You cannot be the Goddess you want to be without having what you need.

This is our Vision: To help you become the Goddess that you are and find the strength and the tools to be YOU.

It is a spiritual and earthly journey, mixed with all the tools a woman needs to feel and act like a Goddess inside and out! It is a community for women to develop their Goddess persona, spiritually, financially, in beauty, relationships, business, and lifestyle.

So what is your deepest desire?


The Forgotten Goddess

I am excited to share with you the steps to finally becoming a Goddess.  Discover what it all means and how you bring it into your reality. 

Join me in a woman’s spiritual and earthly journey in business and her personal life. Take the true steps to success.


Goddesses Are Everywhere

They have their throne at Mount Olympus but they are everywhere. At the supermarket, at the gym, at home, at work. They are moms, entrepreneurs, lovers, wives, daughters… everything!

Will you go for instant gratification or the long term?

We always like to take pleasure in what we do and have everything we need. But usually, we choose short term gratification. Thus is fleeting and leaves a void when it’s over. It is a major problem for the planet. Will you be a momentary Goddess in your imagination or a real one?

Are you looking for more? Do you have unfulfilled desires?

Desires are misunderstood. Without a burning desire, we would still live in caves. Great achievements all develop through deep desires. Will you drop the guilt of wanting more?

To be a woman is a privilege but it also carries responsibilities.

How do you play all the roles of your life like a Goddess without getting lost in those roles? Great responsibilities lie in the hands of every woman with so many hats to wear. Who are you? Are you the mother? The daughter, the wife, the lover, the boss, the entrepreneur, the friend, who??

How do you operate in these roles while keeping You, You?

How to respect your desires and your path without being a b***h, and always be real.


My message to You

Hey Goddess!

I have created this page for us, the women that know we are powerful but somehow we got lost in the “Reality” and the roles we have been assigned. It is for us who want to use our feminine power and beauty to harvest all the potential of our lives. For years and years, day and night I was struggling and lost in my roles of being a single mother of three, a remarried woman/mother, a daughter with issues with my mother, a wannabe entrepreneur lost in the maze of my mind and my own stories. 

I was craving a life I KNEW was there waiting for me no matter if the naysayers were trying to convince me of the opposite. I was beating myself up for my lack of power. But the power was there, inside me, a feminine power that was dormant, raw, and unexploited, a hidden Goddess. Still playing the role of a Drama Queen and the Kitty who needed help (the victim), I was ignoring the Goddess inside me because I wanted to fit into this society and be loved. I thought (wrongly) that this way, people will love me, but I forgot to love myself in the process. I was scared to show the world my power because so many were telling me when I was young, “who are you to help others” or ” who gave you the right to save me.” This second thought was a very painful situation in my life in which I revealed to the police where a missing person could be. When they found her, she was almost dead by attempted suicide.

My story was haunting me and preventing me from being the Goddess I knew I was. You see, I was born in Greece and I have lived here in the USA for only the past few years. Gods and Goddesses of Mount Olympus were part of my everyday culture. I was convinced that I am a Goddess! And then somehow I forgot. I am here today to tell you No! Do not forget!

Yes, I am talking to You, my dear!

Because I am you. And you are me. Maybe you think we are different or your stories are not the same. But the story is one! You are a forgotten Goddess! But you are still a Goddess. Even if you have ignored it for a long time, it is there inside you. And my statement today is: I AM A GODDESS! RISE WITH ME!

Do not give in to the tricks that keep your power hidden. Moms, entrepreneurs, wives, lovers, daughters, sisters now you have Your Society,  @Findthegoddess. I am totally passionate about this and I know you are too. I truly love you Sister, even though I do not know you physically yet, I know you on so many other levels.


So come and Rise with Me, with Us.

You know you want it all...

But you are scared. Uncomfortable. Lost.

You have a mission...

You ignore it and that’s why you suffer.

You want a map to Mount Olympus...

 What does it mean to be a Goddess? To have it all? To use your feminine power? You need a Map!

Goddess Society IS the Map!

We are in this together! Even Goddesses are not doing it alone but with other Goddesses. Here is your Map!

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